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Our Story

It has been a wonderful journey & we are not done yet!

The Silver Elephant was a mere dream for many years.  In 2013 that dream became reality.  We opened a very modest store in the Marketplace. Our first location afforded us room for a limited​ amount of pieces. We quickly grew out of that space and moved to a much larger area in the same building. Before long an opportunity presented itself for us to move to an even larger space with a window on Main Street. Unusual and interesting pieces filled our store and also several storage units.   Before long, we found ourselves in need of a space that could showcase our finished products but still be able to store and show our "opportunities" or "rough stuff." So, in August 2018 we moved out of the Marketplace and into our new space at 139 S. Main St., Bellefontaine, Ohio.  We absolutely love it here!  Now we have a fabulous showroom, a perfect spot for our rough merchandise and space for a wonderful workshop!

We have a wonderful team to help you find or customize that special piece!


​My name is Joni Dailey and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Ohio University. I started The Silver Elephant, LLC in 2013 so that I could fulfill a dream that I had had for a very long time. My love of older things, design, and our environment created the basis for The Silver Elephant.  I love to take older pieces and make them new again!  Not only am I breathing new life into these incredible pieces, but I am keeping them out of the landfill.  I absolutely love it when a client brings me a piece that has been in their family for generations. Together, we collaborate and turn it into something that works for them and their current design needs.


My name is Jennifer Purton. I am a former teacher with a love for design and a knack for organization. I've always found joy in decorating and making my surroundings aesthetically pleasing. My design philosophy includes using items you already have in a new way and making your home an authentic reflection of who you are by making it a collection of what you love.


My name is Ben Brunswick.  I am a 2018 graduate of Bellefontaine High School.  Currently I am attending Clark State University studying Early Childhood Education.  In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and traveling.  The best part of my job at The Silver Elephant is that it allows me to meet and talk with a wide variety of people.

Creative Construction Specialist & Sales 

 ​My name is Sara Wilson. I hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Along with my delight for teaching, my Pinterest account can attest to my great appreciation for DIY projects, whether it is out of necessity for an inexpensive gift or just the sheer enjoyment of creating something on my own. From painting walls, furniture, and decor to stitching up a creation on the sewing machine or paper crafting a design, I find great joy in fashioning new from old at The Silver Elephant.

Manager of Customer Relations 

 Hello!  My name is Ellie!  I am the head of customer relations.  I enjoy laying around the shop while I wait for customers to come in.  I am really nice & I love my new mom.  She got me from a really nice place called Canine Collective.  My old mom was finished breeding me & got rid of me.  I am happy about that because my new mom got me spayed so I don't have to have puppies anymore!  I can finally be a puppy!